UNDER 18s Academy

About the LMFC Academy

In 2014 Logan Metro FC announced an exciting initiative that offers a pathway to club football to those who otherwise might not have one.

The Under 18’s boys Academy provides talented at-risk, migrant, refugee and any youth under 18 the opportunity to play club football potentially for the first time, and set them up to be part of the club’s senior teams for years to come.

It also provides great qualified coaches to help grow them as both footballers and people, with personal development a strong focus of the academy too.

Here is the problem

Raw, quality talent isn’t hard to find in Logan, with the city being blessed in abundance with talented youth from all walks of life eg. newly arrived, refugee’s or even born and bred in Logan. However, these talented young men and women can’t always afford the ever increasing cost to play football for a club, therefore turn away from the game or get caught up in things they shouldn’t.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The club identified that quality footballers from these communities are out there but aren’t getting an opportunity to play football and showcase their talent, so we set about setting up our FREE Academy.

The academy is completely free of charge for the selected 20 under 18 players to ensure that finance isn’t an obstacle to anyone getting involved and to discover the best undiscovered players.

However to keep the academy free the club covers all the costs per player which include-

  • Member Federation and league fees (per player)
  • referee fees for the season
  • insurances
  • team uniforms
  • shorts, socks and polo
  • club costs- Field maintenance, Utilities, training equipment, staffing etc.

“We want to find twenty talented players a year, and develop them to play for our senior teams as well as other bigger and better clubs, maybe even A-League teams,” LMFC Head Coach

“There are a lot of players with untapped talent in Logan, and we want to find them and give them this opportunity.” President, Samuel Escobar

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Academy Success Stories 

Academy success stories