Female social league at Compton Park!

Our female social football league is for women and girls new to football or who have played in the past. The leagues offer a more flexible, lower commitment playing format than traditional football over ten week blocks.

-Individuals or full teams welcome.

-term 2 Kicks off on Wednesday nights from 17 April- 19 June 2024

-14+ years


– $100 for 10 weeks (10 games).


Term 2 April 17- June 19 League draw TO BE CONFIRMED


– 6 players on the field at any one time (5 outfield and one goalkeeper).

– Games are to run for 40 minutes in total (2 x 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break for halftime)

– Shin pads must be worn.

– A ball that is kicked or headed out over the sideline is to be kicked in by the other team (as opposed to a throw-in in regular soccer) at the point where the ball crossed the sideline. The defending player must stand at least 5m back from a kick in. A goal cannot be score directly from a kick in (it must touch another player first). The player kicking the ball in must pass to another player.

– The ball may be passed back to the goalie but she cannot touch the ball with their hands if this happens. Handling by the goal keeper of a ball passed back will result in an indirect free kick from the point of where the ball was picked up by the goalkeeper.

– No offside rule once kick off has occurred.

– Goalkeepers cannot drop kick from their hands, the ball must be thrown/rolled or released to the ground and kicked.