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2024 Metro Men expression of interest

2024 Registrations are now open!

We’re super excited to announce that registrations for the 2024 season are now open!

The 2024 season is looking to be our biggest yet, which will see an introduction of a range of new women and girls teams and programs as well as all our other usual teams and programs.

Below is a rundown, links and everything you need to know to register to play for LMFC in 2024-

Football Queensland has mandated that all registrations and payments must come through their registration platform squadi. The club has also made the decision that, to be able to offer flexible payment plans, we’ll continue to also use the majestri platform so we can best cater for our community.

This means that players and families will need to register on 2 platforms but still have the flexibility to create payments plans.

Registration fees- As we’re all feeling the effects of the cost of living rising, your grassroots, volunteer run football club unfortunately is no different.  The committee has made the difficult to decision to slightly increase registration fees by 10%.

Even with the slight increase, we’re still  one of the most affordable clubs in the area!


1. Register in squadi & pay the National Registration fees (Football Australia) & governing body fees (Football Queensland) in total-
Miniroos (u6-u11)- $64.50
– Juniors (u12-18)- $80.50
– Seniors-  $164

Register in squadi here-

For more information on how to register in squadi please click here-

2. Register in the clubs registration platform (majestri) & pay the remaining clubs fees-
◦ Payment plans can be applied for during this registration process
◦ Fair play vouchers can be redeemed here also

Register in majestri here-

Once both steps have been completed, the player will then become eligible to play and receive their uniform.

If you’re having any trouble during the registration process please feel free to reach out to the club via [email protected] 

2024 Girls United social league EOI

2024 Women and girl teams Expression of interest

2024 u14, u16, u18 trials expression of interest

2024 Logan Metro FC pruebas

2024 FQPL First team & Under 23’s trial expression of interest

Express your interest below to trial and someone will be in touch.

2024 FQPL Coach expression of interest

Female social league at Compton Park!

Our female social football league is for women and girls new to football or who have played in the past. The leagues offer a more flexible, lower commitment playing format than traditional football over ten week blocks.

-Individuals or full teams welcome.

-term 2 Kicks off on Wednesday nights from 17 April- 19 June 2024

-14+ years


– $100 for 10 weeks (10 games).


Term 2 April 17- June 19 League draw TO BE CONFIRMED


– 6 players on the field at any one time (5 outfield and one goalkeeper).

– Games are to run for 40 minutes in total (2 x 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break for halftime)

– Shin pads must be worn.

– A ball that is kicked or headed out over the sideline is to be kicked in by the other team (as opposed to a throw-in in regular soccer) at the point where the ball crossed the sideline. The defending player must stand at least 5m back from a kick in. A goal cannot be score directly from a kick in (it must touch another player first). The player kicking the ball in must pass to another player.

– The ball may be passed back to the goalie but she cannot touch the ball with their hands if this happens. Handling by the goal keeper of a ball passed back will result in an indirect free kick from the point of where the ball was picked up by the goalkeeper.

– No offside rule once kick off has occurred.

– Goalkeepers cannot drop kick from their hands, the ball must be thrown/rolled or released to the ground and kicked.


2023 MiniRoos (u6-12) key information

Below are all the details any 2023 Logan Metro FC miniroo parent or guardian must know !

Committee contacts-
Sam Escobar | 0411 312 413 | [email protected]
Elsa Yanes (secretary) | 0430 043 523 | [email protected]


Key Dates-
Round 1- Saturday 22 April
School Holiday  break- 3 weeks, June 23, July 1, July 8
Last game- September 9

Game Day procedures-

  • arrive 30 minutes before kick off (unless otherwise instructed by coach)
  • Arrive in full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) Plus with boots and shin pads. Also a water bottle
  • Notify your coach as early as possible if you can’t make it or are running late
  • ALL individual team communication will be done via the WhatsApp group chats or existing Facebook chats

Wet Weather procedure
Fields that are closed due to wet weather will be listed on the Football Queensland website below. Your coach should also confirm if the game is going ahead

Metro Wet Weather – Juniors

Game schedule (dates, time & location)-
This season to see individual team game details you will need to download the squadi app and follow the instructions below.

IOS App Store –
Google Play –

UNDER 6’s (U6 South Hub 4)– Coach Kurt (at training) & Nephi (on game days)

WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Caasi Milne
  2. Imran Haji
  3. Kyrie Harrison
  4. Antonio James Maino
  5.  Kironji Mutuma
  6. Ramy Assar
  7. Honeste Zigirinshuti
  8. Christopher Zigirinshuti

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 7’s (U7 South Hub 4)– Coach Kevin Ferguson
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Ayush Baidya
  2. Gideon Talatonu
  3. Petie Ferguson
  4. Nihal Singh-Mackay
  5. Enock Ngabire
  6. Mason Hason
  7. Antonio Tapuaiga
  8. Augustine Tapuaiga

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 8’s (U8 South Hub 6)– Coach Samuel Habiyimana
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Lincoln Turner-Clarkson
  2. Levi Robson
  3. Matthias Leapai
  4. Justin Mugisha
  5. Abdullah Hashimi
  6. Ahmad Hashimi
  7. Saied Al
  8. Jordan Await
  9. Justin Gay
  10. Bilal Ahmad
  11. Uruma

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 8’s GIRLS (U8 Bilbies South Hub 1) – Coach Amelia
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Aicha Kromah
  2. Zainab MHINA
  3. Evelyn Kaur-Mackay
  4. Maya Escobar
  5. Zara Escobar
  6. Mehtab Kaur bal
  7. Sarah Hennani
  8. Dijah Harb
  9. Hendisam Ali
  10. Lailani HALAAPIAPI
  11. Kymani Kopu
  12. Thea Armstrong

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 9’s (U9 Quokka South Hub 4)– Coach Neil
Existing facebook group chat

  1. Noah Lababidi
  2. Joshua Clark
  3. Rohan Clayton
  4. Mohamed Kromah
  5. Saxon Fellows
  6. Francis Bashimbe
  7. Andre Pivi
  8. Ibraheem Elghoul
  9. Haane Vaalele
  10. Dario Gersic
  11. Noah Bruce
  12. Zekiel Mata’afa

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 10’s (U10 Quokka South Hub 3)– Coach Aston Gapes
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Saint Harris-Levalasi
  2. Samuel Khual
  3. Connor Mathews
  4. Hamza MHINA
  5. Kj Fesolai
  6. Jordan Kim
  7. John Hau Sian Tuang Palian
  8. Fraser Barber
  9. Cubis Day
  10. Tamahau Tongia
  11. Hein Mai
  12. Otto Ferguson
  13. Jeremiah Tither-Briggs

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 12  U12 Quokka South Hub 1 (under 11 merged with under 12’s) Coach Abdel
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Nouri Lababidi
  2. Yahya Haji
  3. Arian Hall
  4. Jack Saw Nay
  5. Muhammad Uzayr Osman
  6. Salim Ghani Kleina
  7. Hisham Imran
  8. Essa Harb
  9. Aiden Marriner
  10. Amos Wani
  11. Mujtaba
  12. Muneer Adam
  13. Ywahay
  14. Isaac
  15. Shahid

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 12 Wallaby  (U12 Wallaby South Hub 1)-  Coach Forbes Madau
Existing WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Christopher Manariyo
  2. Anthony Anthony
  3. Abdullah Rusul
  4. Shaun Kachaka
  5. Te-Kapua Kingi
  6. Christian Manariyo
  7. Ansa Reh
  8. Joseph Sehumbya
  9. Jonathon Mwugura
  10. Abigail Madau
  11. Ngendahayo Promise
  12. Samuel Mutabazi
  13. Angelo Gisa
  14. Christian Bauer
  15. Abraham Tangpua

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)

UNDER 12’s GIRLS (U12 Joeys South Hub 1)– Coach Bedour
WhatsApp group chat-

  1. Tayla Milne
  2. Angel Kaur
  3. Rudaina Kleina
  4. Eternee Kalisa
  5. Naomi Pivi
  6. Esther Zigirinshuti
  7. Honorine Zigirinshuti
  8. Ella Townsend
  9. Remaz Assar
  10. Malak Adam
  11. Mia Argueta
  12. Tahlia O’Neill
  13. Hafsa Mhina

Fixtures- download the squadi app to see game schedule (details above)