2020 MiniRoos Infomation

MiniRoos Coordinator- Chelsea Smiles 0402351156
Club Secretary- Elsa Yanes 0430043523

UNDER 6’s coached by Steve Smiles (0420404832)
Rohan, Tyler, Taharnee, Halle, Kyra, Enrique, Ryan, Thales
fixtures- https://bit.ly/2W00hXG

UNDER 7’s coached by Leo Stuart (0433711483)
Salam, KJ, Robert, Chemira, Tayla, Kheeyz, Brian, Zion, Callum
fixtures- https://bit.ly/305JgN5

UNDER 8’s– coached by Khalil (0435937776) & Nick (0430442751)
Rohullah, Ayden, Chase, Nader, Patrick, Braxton, Jonathan, Lucrae, Zane, Jordan, Kian
fixtures- https://bit.ly/2W00IRO

UNDER 9’s– coached by Sarah (0491118741) & Felipe (0431059534)
Bicolano, Eligh, Carlos, Tobias, James-Jacob, Promise, Samuel M, Oliver, Samuel U, Ezekiel, Psalms, Ansa, Harley
fixtures- https://bit.ly/2DoDiz4

UNDER 10’s– coached by Cody Attard (0466110553)
Jerek, Eli, Miley, Quintin, Nico, Jahvarn, Hunter, Jerry, Matt, Kajah, Jasper, Ethan, Israel
fixtures- https://bit.ly/38GysZw

UNDER 11’s– coached by Rosa-maria Kauvai (0466227424)
Ayden, Indiianah, Zaid, Andre, Lucas, Sini, Daniel, Corey, Xavier, Philyrah, Khorus, Hamzah, Hossien
fixtures- https://bit.ly/3gCP9Yw

Parents Facebook group page


Football Brisbane Wet Weather procedure

The club will post in the parents facebook group page about any game cancellations due to the weather. Coaches should also make contact.

Below is Football Brisbane’s official wet weather statement and link to see where an oppositions fields are closed. The club will look at this link before posting in the group page.

Matches postponed will be listed in either the “JUNIOR GROUND CLOSURES” section  on the Football Brisbane website (clubs will NOT be advised by text unless there are late postponements)